Marcelo López–Dinardi

Architecture+Design, Research, Education | Selected Works


Very excited to share the new issue of ARQ 111 on the theme of DEGROWTH as Guest Editor. The editorial asks, ‘is degrowth appropriate for all geographies and cultures? Is it worth exploring if it is not an anti-capitalist pursuit? Who is responsible, and who pays the price of degrowth? And for us, what is the role of architecture in this complex web of relational logistics?’ The discussion of degrowth proposed is broadly organized by situating geographies and timelines. Contributors share their experience, knowledge, and projects from Ukraine to South Africa, Europe, the Arab Gulf, the Caribbean, and the Americas. For those in Chile, the journal can be acquired here. An online version—in English and Spanish, can be accessed for free here. Snippets can be found on Ediciones ARQ Instagram account.